Stephen Hercy A.K.A. Dr. Fitness USA


Stephen Hercy, A.K.A. Dr Fitness USA is a renowned International Body Designer, Speaker and creator of Body Design Formula. Stephen brings 40 + years of physical fitness to you and educates women and men to rediscover the joys of becoming masters of their bodies, independently of personal trainers.

An extensive study of Carl Jung teaching inspired Stephen to research different philosophies between men and women.

Consequently, Stephen Hercy concluded that women should not train like men and developed this unique approach to fitness: the Body Design Formula System.

Hercy's approach to bodybuilding began at the early age of 14 when he began a rigorous study of the sport of power lifting and weight training.

Stephen Hercy is certified by the International Federation of Bodybuilding, Diploma IFBB and holds the distinct title of “Professeur de Culture Physique Weider”. Stephen is also one of the rare and privileged one to have been Jimmy Caruso's pupil.